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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Public Letter To An Anonymous Jerk Replier of my Craigslist Ad For Female Film Crew Members

I've written some films scripts and it's time to prep.

So I posted a Craigslist Ad today for a "Female Cinematographer," adding that a "Female Editor" would be nice, too. Please pass the post along, if they know any. I stated what my projects are, and my influences.

A handful of wonderful replies came in from talented ladies in both fields, and one rockstar female composer as well. PLUS some men threw their hats into the ring with aplomb, deciding 'why not?'

I dug it. Looked at all of them. Appreciated their sharing their hard work.

And then I got this:

"You must be a hard core lesbo huh?  Females only.  Moron..."

Hrrrmm....I won't reply because that would give him my email and lower my personal dignity, but I will post my reply here. Keep it nice and private. 

Dear Anonymous Name-Caller, 

So good to hear from you! I remember you from the dance floor when you asked me to dance. When I said "No, thank you," you said, "What are you, a f***ing lesbo?" and promptly sneered yourself back under your comfy rock.

And then that time I went on a date with you (in 2014), and you took me to a gaming place (board games), did not pay for my coffee... or sandwich (but did eat half of it), and when you walked me to my car and did not make a move, I got in and left. And then five days later, you sent this text: "Are you into men or women?" 

I have this to say: Good luck with that tactic. 

I am not into women. But I can't help it. I kissed a girl in the film "Close Call" and it felt not-at-all-hot to me. And she was beautiful. Soft lips. Just didn't do it for me. 

I'm into men. Don't hate me. I was born this way. It's not a choice. 

But maybe I am a 'Moron' for wanting to change this chart from the report published on the Stephen Follows's blog

Maybe I am. But...uh...probably not. 

You however...I love you and bless you with all my heart.

Forgive them; for they know not what they do.  - a wise man said that, I think.

Peace out, brother, 



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