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Friday, February 24, 2017

Cocker Brothers of Atlanta on Audible

Ah, audiobooks. 

I fell in love with them during many seven-hour drives (each way) to visit my family when I lived in California.

I would go to the library and grab a bunch of audiobooks, borrow a ton in case I didn't like the narrator's voice or the story didn't hold me. 

Now I get them all on Audible.

My last was David Spade's "Almost Interesting" which was hilarious. I was driving to Savannah to shoot an acting role I'd booked in a feature film there (I'm an actress, too) and he made that four-hour drive from Atlanta fly by. On the way back, too. Loved it, and I was never a huge fan. Liked him, but now I love him. 

Interesting to be narrating now, and be hyper aware of the things I didn't like when I listened to audiobooks. 

But it's especially that I get to revisit the worlds I invented, and bring this Cocker Brothers universe to life in a whole new way.

Listeners are enjoying them, and the ratings are high. 

The Cocker Brothers, they really have changed my life.

I get so many emails from readers. I wish I could write as fast as you all read!!

There are three brothers on Audible - Jake Cocker, Jett Cocker and Jason Cocker. Jaxson is next. Had some technical difficulties, that's why his book was skipped in sequence.

Or on Amazon at each of these links. 

Happy listening!

Faleena Hopkins

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  1. Dear Ms. Hopkins,
    I like your books, however, I have this one little foible, and that is that I MUST listen to books in chronological order. Thus I'm more than a little tormented by the fact that book four is in audio, but book three is not. Tell me you plan on putting me out of my misery and releasing Cowboy soon!


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