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Friday, May 19, 2017

Who doesn't fantasize about being with a rockstar?

Book 10 in the very fun Cocker Brothers, The Cocky Series romance novel series. We're onto the next generation! 

Enjoy this excerpt from "Cocky Rockstar" 


If you see typos you're behind the curtain. This is before my proofing team did their magic. You're getting it RAW.  ;)


Dressed in all black with a sexy wooden cross necklace, Gabriel Cocker is every inch the rockstar I expected. He was on the cover of Vanity Fair two months ago when his sweet ballad launched his album all the way to number one on both the Indie Rock and Pop charts. The photograph was panty-melting — him shirtless in only leather pants and this necklace he’s wearing now. It was an homage to a photo of a singer from the 1960’s or 1970’s named Jim Morrison, only in Gabriel's photo they'd sprayed him down so he was glistening.
But in person Gabriel is every bit as full of himself as I imagined he would be.
Kissing me like that and saying I’m beautiful as if he meant any of it.
He’s as good an actor as he is a singer, but I’m not fooled.
“You still in college?” he asks, legs spread with total confidence.
Staring ahead I answer, “No.”
“What do you do?”
“I’m a yoga teacher.”
“Is that how you got this?” He reaches over to glide his fingertips along the soft underbelly of my arm just below my exposed wound. The sensual touch tickles and sends a shiver into parts of me that were sleeping.
My eyelashes rise and I stare at him.
His lips…I can still feel them.
That was a dirty trick he played.
Bringing my arm closer to me I mumble, “This is from a car accident. You didn’t hear about it?”
He cocks his head, long strands of black hair hanging  free over his perfect forehead. “No, did you tell my publicist about it or something? She didn’t say anything.”
“Your cousin hit me on the way to work.”
Gabriel’s blinks in sexy confusion. I swear he could sniff his armpit and it would be hot. “Which one?”
“Ben. Why? How many do you have?”
His jaw grinds as anger flashes across his gorgeous face. He glares out the window and starts tapping the armrest, fingers growing more agitated. This is the first time I’ve spotted the black leather rope around his right wrist. Something about a man in masculine jewelry makes me think of vikings or gladiators. Either are enough to make my belly warm.
“Sneaky motherfucker,” he mutters.
He glances back to me and holds. Leaning over so quickly I have no time to react he tries to kiss me again, his fingers wrapping around my head. I push him off and put distance between us as I cry out, “Stop it! What are you doing?”
Those pouty lips of his make an O and he leans way back, staring ahead. “I uh, wow, sorry. Don’t know what came over me.” Under his breath he groans.

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xx, Faleena Hopkins
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  1. Hi I absolutely loved the cocker series I couldn't put them down I fell in love with all the characters please please tell there will be more books in this series x


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