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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cocker Brothers: Whoa. Who is this hot family?

Cocker Brothers, Cocky Series: the summary.
People kinda dig it.
Okay, that's all. 

Let's get you up to speed...It starts with six gorgeous brothers. 

I wrote them with a ton of humor, drama and heart. 

Each love story is a full-length novel (save for one novella) that focuses on one family member and their exciting and very steamy love story.

No two books are the same, which many reviews have said is part of the reason that readers have made this a hit. 

Some Facts: 

  • You can start anywhere and not be lost. 
  • You can pick a theme that appeals to you, start there.
  • There are Easter eggs, inside jokes, and overlapping stories, throughout.
  • There is hot sex and swearing, just like in real life. 
  • They are much more than that, though. 
  • Half-a-million eBooks have been sold so far. 
  • It's been awarded the Kindle All-Star badge for 12 months and counting.
  • There are currently 15 books. Yes, 15.
  • All focus on a different family member. 
  • They hail from Atlanta, Georgia
  • More are coming. 
  • Each comes with bonus scenes, a matching companion of their futures after "The End." I always wondered what happened after...these answer that call. They're free. 

(location story takes place)

1. Cocky Roomie: Jake Cocker : an older woman going through a divorce, younger male-slut who can make her feel beautiful again, roommate romance. (Atlanta, Georgia)

2. Cocky Biker: Jett Cocker : a bemused biker and badass bitch romance (not your normal biker romance because I'd never read any before I wrote it). (South Vacherie, Louisiana & Sherman Oaks, California, and a road trip between)

3. Cocky Cowboy: Jaxson Cocker : a second-chance romance. They fell in love when they were eight, but then she moved away. (Atlanta, Georgia)

4. Cocky Romantic: Jason Cocker : an enemies to lovers romance with some he's-dating-her-best-friend-first chaos. Romantic comedy all the way. (Atlanta, New Orleans, & Detroit)

5. Cocky Senator: Justin Cocker : a jaded man, strong woman romance with the biggest plot twist in the series. (Boston Airport & Atlanta, Georgia)

6. Cocky Soldier: Jeremy Cocker : a man who served our country and is lost until he finds a woman with the healing answers, literally by accident. (Atlanta, Georgia)

7. A Honey Badger Christmas : My only novella. Jett's best friend. My readers wanted him to have his own happy ending. Sizzling Christmas miracle that can be enjoyed year 'round. (Takes place in Nevada City, California)

8. Cocky Senator's Daughter: Hannah Cocker : an adventure to get away from guys hurting her on purpose, Hannah travels with her biker cousin Sofia and learns the best person to protect her from her. She is Justin's daughter, Book 5. (Atlanta, Georgia & Boca Raton, Florida)

9. Cocky Genius: Ethan Cocker : a computer programming billionaire who is funny as hell. The only book in the series where the character talks directly to you, ala Deadpool or Ferris Bueller. Ethan is Jake's son, Book 1 (Atlanta, Georgia & Edinburgh, Scotland)

10. Cocky Rockstar: Gabriel Cocker : a rockstar and a reluctant fan, romance that one reader loved so much she wrote me she dreamed about them. He is Justin's son. A twin, too. Hannah's younger brother. (Atlanta, London, Paris)

11. Cocky Love: Emma Cocker : a realtor and billionaire client romance. Also an older man, younger woman romance, like her parents but the other way around. She is Jake's only daughter. (Atlanta, Georgia & Bahamas)

12. Cocky Quarterback: Eric Cocker : a sports romance, but you don't need to know the game to enjoy this one. He's the last child, and the youngest son of Jake Cocker, bringing that immediate family to a close. This is the first cover where my readers found the model for me, Joseph Cannata, talked to him, and he contacted me to be on the cover. He's as nice as he is gorgeous. Just like Eric Cocker. (Atlanta, Georgia)

13. Cocky Rebel: Sofia Sol Cocker : the cousin my readers were waiting for. Sexually free and uninterested in love, this read is also the perfect escape from real life. Sofia Sol is the daughter, and only child, of Jett Cocker, Book 2. (South Vacherie, Louisiana & Sedona, Arizona) 

And it introduces...

14. Cocky by Association: Sean & Celia : Side-character story (like the title? hehe) We met Sean in Cocky Rebel and he piqued the interest of my readers, and of myself, so he got his own novel. I shed a lot of tears writing it. The good, cathartic kind. (South Vacherie, Louisiana & Sedona, Arizona) 

15. Cocky Director: Max Cocker : an indie with a dream meets a strong, jaded woman who needs someone to believe in. Max is the son of Jason Cocker, Book 4, and is the first of his siblings to get his own book. 


Max Cocker's brother and sister, Caden and Samantha, are the first of the cover shoots to be shot by me in this crazy new thing I've just done; a publishing first. Their cousin Nicholas, too. So fun. 




Kind of. Details below for all the formats. 

Why? It makes my readers happy. 
They can read all the cocky books in Kindle Unlimited (like Netflix for books) for free. In order to be in KU, you must be Amazon Exclusive. 

Read on your phone with the free Kindle app, anywhere, anytime. 

Now available on my website. 'Bookmark porn' there too! (that's what husbands call my bookmarks.)

Currently only on Amazon. 
Soon they will be everywhere. 
I'm formatting them for other outlets. 
Will announce it. 

On Amazon' Audible &  iTunes
More are coming in the next two months. 
I'm editing them now. 
Sample chapter launching on Cocky YouTube Channel

That's the summary. :) 

Hope that you have the most fun reading. 

These books might bring a little extra fire into your marriage or relationship, too. Letters have arrived telling me they've woken up their sleeping men for a surprise, pretty often. 

So, men, don't roll your eyes at romance. 

Buy your girl a book and wait for the surprise. 

Nom. Nom. Nom. 

xx, Faleena Hopkins 

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  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this series!!!! I am glad that you carried on with the next generation. Maybe I have missed something, but I would have thought that BEN COCKER would have been after Sofia Sol? considering he is one of the 5 eldest who always got into trouble etc..... When can we expect BEN COCKERS book?


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