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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Chapter-A-Day Experience: Down & Dirty Deets

On May 11th I started the "Chapter-A-Day" experience where, on my App, I share with members a chapter a day of my new Cocker Brothers novel as I write it. 

When: Mon. - Thurs. 11:11 a.m. sharp (Pacific Time).

I have a thing with matching numbers.

Speaking of numbers...

To join in, you must be a member. 

This might give you pause. 

Let's explore that. 

My App has a ton of fun free stuff, too.

Like all the Cocker Brothers bonus epilogues. Even some free novels.

But behind the curtain of "Members House" lies the real gold.

A ton of my Audiobooks
Two full series. 
A few stand-alone novels. 

And most exciting? 

A Chapter A Day - something I've never shared before - me taking you with me as I write my new Cocker Brothers book! You won't have to wait for it to publish! 

And it costs only $5.99 a month.

"Wait...say what? I mean, sure, that's less than a couple mochas at Starbucks and those disappear in an hour, but why $5.99?"

During these scary times money is tight, so I need to clarify why it costs that, for the curious or the hesitant.

First, Apple and Google (Android) take 30%. 

Yep, they rightfully snag for their hard work 30% from all in-app purchases and subscriptions. 

So I really only get about $4.20. (rough calculation: 6\3=2 therefore 6-2=4 and I added the .20 because it's 30% not 33% which more evenly divides 6\3=2.)

On top of paying Google and Apple...

I also employ three freelance workers during this pandemic.

One just hired last month when I heard people were losing jobs. (If you subscribe to my newsletter you got the "I'm hiring!" email notice - I hired my new Creative Assistant directly through my reader-base.)

You're supporting them when you come on this journey. 

I also pay monthly subscriptions to, the platform on which I built this app. 

That helps pay the paychecks of the indie platform so it can stay afloat for all the other apps built there that you use and love to use.

I also pay monthly subscriptions to some plugin creators to make the app cool. 

You're supporting them, too. 

On top of all those, there are a myriad people working on all the software I subscribe to that allow me to publish as an indie. Like Kelly who just called me the other day and helped with my ads so I could reach more people. She lives in Arizona, moved there from Minnesota to get away from the cold, and we had a great time talking. 

You're helping keep them employed, too. All by reading.

You see, we indies aren't really alone. 

There's a whole world of support behind the scenes that we keep in the job force, only now most of them work from their homes.

And also, last but least, it takes a lot more work for me to upload a Chapter-A-Day and push that 'PUBLISH' button at exactly 11:11 a.m. every Monday - Thursday. 

Usually I write the book, hit publish once and send you a notice. 

Do I mind?

No way!!!!!

I'm sleeping like it's Christmas, writing more carefully this first draft like it's my last. 

Because I know you're reading these in the morning!

It's so exciting to hit "PUBLISH" knowing you're on the other side

safe in your home, 


reading the newest book in the series as I write it.

What a blast and it's only been two days! (Plus prep time, making graphics, the app building I do myself to make this work seamlessly for you...which it won't. There are always glitches I'll be continuously fixing, because life is a roller-coaster not a smooth, milky way. Wait, milky? You get the idea.)

And the best part?

Usually you get my book, and you read it within a couple days.

Some of you speed-readers, in a few hours!



Book Hangover.

A Chapter-A-Day is WEEKS of entertainment you'd have spent waiting for the book.

Unfolding for you as it unfolds for me.

A Chapter A Day. 

Mon - Thurs.

11:11 a.m. sharp. (Pacific time)

You're not paying for the book. You're buying into the experience, to be entertained and be a part of something very cool. 

Come along with me. 

Read the book as I write it.

Both of us looking forward to every new day. 


I'll see you there!

xx, Faleena Hopkins

(Search my name in your app store to join in!)

P.S. When it's finished, it will absolutely launch on Amazon and join the rest of the family as Book 25. 

Cocker Brothers has been exclusive with 'Zon since the beginning, and for everything they've done for me, I'm a huge fan. 

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