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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Best Places To Promote Your Self-Published Fiction eBook.

*****Updated March. 2017 where you see it noted. If I didn't mark a note on that site then it's still strong. I checked the other parts of this post and it's all current to what I use that works. 

If you're like me and you're an author doing everything by yourself (self-published and workin' hard), then you are probably wondering where to promote your book and not waste money.

A lot of them want you to spend your money with them. They say they can help your book get seen.

I've used a ton of those stupid ones, and I'm not going to slam anyone.

I will, however, give you my joy-list. The places that have worked for me and who I trust. Their names are linked to their sites. Everyone will get different results, but I like these guys. This is purely from my experience. You may not have the same results. You may have better ones. Who knows.

This post is told in three parts. 

1. My List of Faves (all of which I've used unless noted)

2. What I Look For When Finding A New Promo Place

3. Why The F*** Do Authors Give Away Free Books???

WHEN & HOW I BOOK THEM - Mar. 2017 add. Amazon's data algorithms protect against surges, best to stagger promotions to show Amazon it's a steady flow - on days RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. A few sites promoting your book on this day, a few the next, some newsletter swaps thrown in, bam bam bam. I like to do this for at least five days.

NL swaps are thanks to the help of other authors in your genre who are willing to swap. (in your genre only! Keep those Zon Algorithms strong and clean)

It's the opposite-ish with free promos. Those you want a big burst because there is no algo-protection and the rank will jump up. So book all the freebies on the same day, or on two days, then let the readers find you in those high ranks. Sometimes I have my book free for all of Kindle Unlimited's alloted five days, sometimes two. Play around with it. But I always have the free promo-sites scheduled for day one, and a couple on day two to keep rank high.


Each place has their own rules. Some need at least 10 reviews averaging an above 4.0 rating, others couldn't care less. Read the fine print at each website you click to. Check their site for current rates.

Bookbub (cost varies per genre)
*They're the mother ship. The bomb. Expensive and worth every penny. Only they rarely accept you. But try. Then try again. Keep trying. You will have thousands of paid downloads and skyrocket to the top of your Amazon category, if not all of Amazon. But I always choose their free book option, because I'd rather have my book in the hands of 18-30 thousand people over 2k. But that's just me. 

*Freebie promos. I've had 4,000-12,000 books downloaded a day with them. The last book I promoted was up just this month. It was a new release, three books out at once. The series has been doing great, after the Freebooksy promo. They ROCK.

Robin Reads
March 2017 add. These guys are awesome. Book ahead of time, they book up and they're picky about who they take. Which is how they keep subs. (that's a lot of use of the word 'book' there. hehehe)

*Their sister company for .99 promos and higher, but you'll get better sales on .99. Cost to promote varies by genre. For me they've been good for about 100 sales the day it goes up. I know they're building that list so it may have improved. It also matters that you have a popular genre. My best recommendation is that you double up your .99 sales places on the same day to get them helping each other get your book's ranking up with more sales.

My Romance Reads
*Romance Books mostly. (Mar. 2017 - their results aren't as strong as they used to be but they're still good for paid promos. Too expensive for free. Do NL swaps instead.) Costs varies by genre.

New add - Lots of people are using them now, as of Mar. 2017...but will it work for you? Mayyyybe!

Love Kissed Promotions
Newer one - Mar. 2017

Romance Devoured

Newer one - Mar. 2017 -haven't used but it's booked out a month ahead and other romance authors have told me it's good.

Hot Stuff Romance
Newer one - Mar. 2017 (trying next week for myself) Used to be Naughty books or something, but they've come up in the world and I've heard from several authors they give a nice bump to sales. 

Read Cheaply
(Haven't tried this one in a while - Mar. 2017 comment. test it out.) They might charge a small fee now. I always see a spike when I use them. I always book them on the same day as another smaller company so that they work in tandem to push the rank up.

Kindle Books and Tips
*Read the rules. They're picky here...but that's why readers stay loyal to places. So don't get mad. (not sure if they're still strong - you'll have to check. I've gone steamier since this post and they don't like that - Mar 2017)

eBook Stage
(Haven't tried this one in a while - Mar. 2017 comment. test it out.) *They tweeted and FB posted about one of my titles last May without my asking them to, and I looked at my free downloads and went, "Whoa. What happened here?" A really nice spike. Then I saw the tag on Twitter. (I tried to find the exact numbers for you, on Amazon but the chart wouldn't go back to May. So, you'll have to trust me. If they charge, it's nominal.

Like eBook Stage, they mentioned me without my hiring them to. They're starting out and needed content. Again, a good spike. Worth checking them out because they're free...for now.

I don't write in this genre, yet, so I haven't used them, but I hear from Fantasy authors that they're VERY good. Give 'em a shot.

That's my tried and true list. 

At the end of this post, I've incl. a very long list of sites offering promotion who I've not used. Let me know in the comments if I should add anyone, and please include your numbers so everyone can benefit from your experience. Feel free to include what genre they're great for. We'd love to know about more wise investments that cover the gamut.

***Crucial Caveat: Readers buy books with great blurbs, covers, opening pages for the Look Inside feature, and strong reviews. If your book does not have these things presented in a professional manner, none of these promotion places can do diddly-squat.

Empower them, and you, by having your book well made, proofread, and hopefully a page-turning read.

 2. What I Look For When Finding A New Promo Place

New places come up all the time. 

1) I check out their Facebook Page and Twitter-post action. But mostly Facebook Page.

People on FB are usually only active at a 10% rate because FB makes you pay for your posts to be seen by more. True Story. So if someone's got 2,000 followers and 20 likes on a post, that's good. It means people are interested. If people are interested, they'll see your book.

If the page get more likes and comments than 10%, they're rockin' it, and I will  (almost) beg them to promote me.

If someone is posting like a mo'fo' and there is no one liking the posts but them - DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

2) I look at their sites, at the books they're promoting now. How is the book RANKED at the end of the day? How was it in the beginning? I will actually start a day checking, and end it checking back. This is an investment...do the research. Ranking shows if there were downloads. Yes, Kindle Unlimited affects rank, too. 

If you don't have the time, then just check at the end of the day. If the books they promoted that day - the ones with good covers that people would actually click on - are still ranked in the 50,000's or 100,000, no bueno. Move on. Or throw your money at them and don't be upset if it didn't work out. Everything is a learning experience. I just like to learn and keep my money. 

3. Why Promote and What The F*** Is Free All About???

I know your book is awesome. I know people should be reading it. But how can they if they don't know it's out there?

We all know what Absolut Vodka is, yes? You know about Apple Computers? That's because they advertise.

And even though we all know who they are--they STILL advertise, because it works. 


I know. You've done all that hard work. You've paid for an amazing cover. You spent hours looking for typos. You kept your significant other up with questions about where to take the story next. "Yes, but should I kill the main character like they did in Game of Thrones, honey???"

And after all that and more, you're going to give your sweet little brain child away? YES YES YES. Not forever. Just for a little while. Or forever, if you want to go the permafree route. (google what that means if you don't know.)

Trader Joes gives away samples. And we buy the product.

Audible gives away a free month. And we subscribe afterward.

A lot of people don't want to pay to find out they don't like a new author.

But they WILL take a free book and give you a shot!

And you just might have found your next super-fan.

Many of my most loyal readers found me via my free books...and then they bought all the others. And I'm doing quite well now.  I'm a six figure author. 

It will enable you to reach not just a couple hundred readers like the paid promos do, but THOUSANDS of readers. 

And yes, get ready. You probably will get some 1 star reviews. Because thousands of people read your book, it's the law of averages. But who cares. It doesn't matter that much. Keep writing.

Happy publishing!!

xx, Faleena

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Here is a list of sites you can promote on. These I cannot vouch for, personally. I grabbed this list from Kboards and the author wasn't stoked about the results of their promo...but they spread it out over seven days, which I don't recommend. And this screenshot is from my bookmarked UK sites...but this was a long time ago. You'll have to test these out.

  • Reading Deals
  • Awesome Gang
  • Pretty-Hot
  • Book Goodies
  • Many Books
  • Kboards banner
  • Magic of Books Blitz
  • ENT
  • Book Goodies
  • Sweetfree Books
  • Booktastik
  • eReader Cafe - Book of the Day
  • Book Goodies
  • It's Write Now
  • mybookplace
  • eBookImpresario
  • Booklover's Heaven
  • ebookhounds
  • Booksends
  • eReader IQ
  • Book Goodies
  • eBookhabit
  • It's Write Now
  • free99books
  • GenrePulse
  • Bookscream
  • Book Goodies
  • It's Write Now
  • Bargain eBook Hunter
  • Book Goodies
  • eBooksAddict
  • The Fussy Librarian
  • Bargain eBook Hunter
  • Digital Book of the Day - Book of the Day

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