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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Cocker Brothers and their Bonus Scenes: What are they?

 After I finished Book One, Cocky Roomie: Jake Cocker, I wrote the first bonus scenes. 

That's when I fell in love. 

Hopelessly, crazily, in absolute love. 

When I wrote Book One's bonus scenes I met Jake's three kids. Laughed a ton when I met them. And cried when I wrote Jake and Drew's fifteen-year anniversary, because she's eight years older than him and is struggling with aging...but what he says and does, melted me. 

It was then that I stared at my computer screen, wearing my favorite sweats and fuzzy socks, and literally voiced aloud, "Oh shit, I'm going to have to write books for all their kids, aren't I?" 

It was going to be a lot of writing, and I'd only just finished Book One. 

Books 1-5 launched over five months. Then I had written nearly a novel a month for the next eighteen. Fifteen books out. #CoffeeAddict 

My life changed. And I was starting to help other people's lives, too. 

I began getting letters from readers saying my books helped them through hard times. 

When Book Six: Cocky Soldier: Jeremy Cocker, came out, I got letters that wives had read some passages to their husbands who had PTSD, and received, "Yep, that's about right," from their men...and healing. 

I received stories of illnesses in themselves and/or family (yes, sometimes it was both), grief over deaths and job losses, marriages that had been threatened -- time and depression had taken it's toll...but were now on the mend because the wife started laughing again because of my books. 

I cried many times, reading these heartfelt messages, absolutely stunned. 

The covers are sexy, sure. 

They have funny titles, yes. 

But there are real-life troubles in them.

And ways to overcome them.

The Cocker Family is tight-knit, crazy loyal, and they're flawed. They fight their obstacles in order to be able to love. There are stories of addiction, overcoming infidelity, lost loves, the list goes on. 

But they overcome these struggles and they do it with courage and a sense of humor. 

Laughter heals as much as crying. Maybe more? Can't tell.

We all have rough stuff we must go through in this weird journey called life. 

Brain Candy, I affectionately call them. When the shit hits the fan in your life, you need candy. 

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down - Mary Poppins. 

Cocker Brothers = medicine, what medicine? 

There are now 26 books out - and two compilations of Bonus Scenes. (Books 17 and Book 26) 

More are coming. Ben Cocker is being revealed as I write it, chapter by chapter, on Amazon's Kindle Vella, via my website, until it's complete. 

Which brings me to the conclusion of this semi-detailed story. Still here? God bless you. 


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